Thursday, March 21, 2013

Naija women in business

Naija women in business is the brainchild of Titilayo Oyinsan, of Inspiration FM. She has a strong passion for women enterpreneurs which is why she started the progam Naija women in business . It airs every Tuesday from 10.30am
To be a part of 'Naija women in business' , first like the page. Then send an email with your profile.Your profile should inlude your backbround, marital status, no of kids , qualifications, business name, contact, social media links etc.
Please write it as if you are talking to a friend. You would also be included in the mailing list for the newsletter.
For more info send an email to
Also visit their page
Tell all the Naija business women you know both in Nigeria and in diaspora to be part of this movement.
Titi has decided to take the show to another level ,by bringing women toogether to make a difference one woman at a time.
Be a part of it

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