Sunday, March 3, 2013

Bad customers

He walked into my store very arrogantly.  

He was going to be one of ‘those customers’, you know what I mean. Those people you want to literally throw out of your store. Alas, you have to literally bite your tongue. And I can’t wear all the clothes in the store myself. I need them off my shelf.

He asks to be shown clothes for his conservative wife (poor woman). As I was trying to give him suggestions, indicating what I was wearing (a cute top and a pair of jeans), he says “you know you are fat !’ (yes he did) with a look of barely hidden disgust. Wow , I zoned out for a few seconds and bit on my tongue to stop myself from giving a sharp retort.

I tried again (calmly) to advice this horrible customer on what to buy for his (unfortunate) wife. He actually repeated the statement ‘You know you are fat !’ , TWICE. Is it that people are just not well trained? I am well aware of the statement that says ‘customer is king’, but gimme a break. Was that really necessary? 

He eventually bought goods from the store worth N16,500 ($100), and I was really glad to see his back.  As he was leaving the store he said that my customer service is very good (ha). 

 We are trying to make a living you know, same as you. So please, try to be courteous next time you are in a business establishment. I can assure you that you would get a much better quality of service.  

 Have you had any encounters with ‘monster customers’?

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  1. Lol! Your job shouldn't be just to sell those clothes but to tactfully let him know he was very rude to you and demand an apology for his chauvinism...That way, he wouldnt leave the store thinking he's the next best thing after slice bread ever again!