Thursday, May 31, 2012

Caring for your clothes

“Certainly this is a duty, not a sin. "Cleanliness is indeed next to godliness."”
John Wesley

Caring for your clothes is a important as acquiring them!
Over the years you have spent so much money acquiring clothing and accessories.
Dont forget that the clothes make you beautiful.
Its therefore very important to care for them properly.

For your clothes to serve you excellently and for an extended period , its important to properly store them.

  1. Hang them! People tend to leave their clothes on piles all around their room! Invest in a good, big, multifunctional wardrobe.
  2. Fold your jeans and tshirts.
  3. Wash your clothes regularly, dirt actually ruins them.
  4. Fix  the little problems; a missing button, a tear etc.
  5. Check for washing instructions on all your clothes.
  6. Dry clean, DON'T wash your suits.
  7. Remove stains with the right detergents, the wrong bleaches or detergents could further damage the outfit.
  8. When using a washing machine use fabric softener.
  9. Have a designated laundry basket or bag to prevent dirty clothes from getting mixed up with the clean ones.
  10. If you havent worn a piece of clothing for 2 years, give it out. Create room for the new ones.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Fashion trends 2012

Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance
Coco Chanel

1. Color blocking

Color blocking is a big hit this season.
From bags, shoes, dresses, tops and even accessories you cant go wrong!
Enjoy and experiment with colors

2. Sheer trends

Sheer tops and dresses are a staple this season.
Popularly known as chiffon .
They can be worn to work and or play.

3.Pleated dresses and skirts

Pleated skirts, dresses and tops are favorites this season.
They are a comeback from the 80's.
They are lovely in all colors.

4. Wedges

Wedges can be worn anywhere!
They are super comfortable ,
That makes it a favorite for many .
They come in all sorts of beautiful colors and designs.


The bigger the accessories the better!
Chunky and colorful accessories all are the rage now.
They are inexpensive so you can get lots of them.
Accessorizing is everything

6. Jellies

Fantastic for the rainy season.
They come in a slippers, sandals, shoes and even wedges.
They have evolved.
They are also a comeback fashion
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Monday, May 28, 2012

The beginning

Fashion fades only style remains
coco chanel

My blog promises to be a fashion and style adventure.
Join me down this road of self discovery.
This blog promises you the very best of Nigerian and international fashion and style.
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