Friday, February 1, 2013

What NOT to wear to church

I attend a Pentecostal church in a highbrow area in Lagos , a lot of what the women wear to Church doesn't leave much to the imagination. Below are some of the clothes not to wear to the House of God.

1. Do NOT wear anything above your knee, the brothers would spend more ogling your thighs than listening to the sermon. You are going to church NOT THE CLUB

2. No long slits on your skirt or dress

3. No cleavage, its just wrong

 4. No transparent clothes

5. No open backside, save it for the appropriate occasion

6. No open shoulders

7. No overly tight clothes.


  1. Definately. I'm a church girl and some just don't understand how to wear decently. loved this. :)

    which trend would u wear?

    1. Thanks Yara. I am a sucker for traditional Nigerian fabrics (ankara). Most times i tend to wear long flowing dresses made out of this fabric