Friday, March 1, 2013

What do women really want?

My question for today is 'what do women want?'

Specifically, 'what do women want in a relationship or marriage?'
Its quite simple actually.

And here goes.....
  1. A man with a job!
  2. To get married 
  3. A man who always smells nice always (unconditional)
  4. Kids (before we hit menopause)
  5. A considerate and romantic man in the bedroom department
  6. Be helpful around the house. SHE IS NOT YOUR MAID.
  7. A romantic gesture every now and then
  8. Show her love with your words and actions (she isn't a mind reader you know)
  9. She is not a light switch, you cannot turn her on and off. Be romantic
  10. Pay her compliments from time to time
  11. Remember her birthday and your anniversary
  12. Celebrate valentines day, its very irritating when you tell us 'its not your thing' , well its ours, so deal with it.
  13. Be considerate
  14. Love her family, without them, there is no her.
  15. DO NOT abuse her physically ,emotionally ,verbally or mentally
  16. If you know you are not going marry her, don't string her along or make her a baby mama.
  17. We are old school, you pay when we are on a date
  18. Help out with the kids, they are yours after all
  19. You to us to have a flat stomach? Yeah? We want you to have a six pack! (compromise)
  20. You dress nice too! Its a 2 way street.
What are your thoughts?

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