Thursday, August 30, 2012

War against domestic violence

We all know of someone or people who are physically abused by their spouses regularly.
As well as people who have been killed by domestic violence

LWTZE Concept led by TV personality Olayinka 'Yeancah' Adamu would be taking her 'War against domestic violence' project to the streets of the Lagos, Nigeria. Everyone come on the 13th of October 2012,

Supporters and advocates against Domestic violence would flock the streets of Lagos Island metropolis.

The walk would kick off from Adetokunbo Ademola street, Victoria Island, Lagos state. Celebrities, activists, advocates and concerned Nigerians would step out to bring to the consciousness of Nigerians, West Africans and the world.

Please help spread the word about the event by simply inviting your friends on your contact list and ask them in turn to do the same.

You can also join the event on facebook,  "war against domestic violence" and invite everyone you know
This could be someone you know? Next time she might be killed

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