Friday, March 22, 2013


Every single situation your find yourself in, is an opportunity in disguise. When you reach a cross roads in your career or business, pause, reflect, its time to make that life changing decision. Never look at that situation as if its to much for you to handle. Because if you look close enough, you would realise that its a situation that you can turn around positively and make work for you.

A very good example is me. A couple of years ago , I had a very fantastic job. After a few months the company had many issues and could no longer afford to pay us the staff. After looking for another job for several months to no avail , I decided to start buying and selling of kids clothes from the booth of my car. That didn't turn out so good. So i then decided to sell women's clothes.

The business started from the booth pf my car, to my living room to a store in Victoria Island , Lagos. It took me only 2 years of selling from home to eventually opening a store. Now my store is 2 yrs old and counting!

It hasn't been easy, but its been worth it.

The opportunity in my own case started when I lost my job. What situation are you in that seems like a black hole? Look close and hard at it. There is a big opportunity lurking there somewhere. Don't give up until you find it.

If you are ever in this part of the world (Nigeria) , do stop by my store to say hello.....
Peggyz Place,
Pinky blue mall,
Shop 4, 21 b Idowu Martins street,
Victoria Island,

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