Saturday, February 2, 2013

200 women and counting...

My mom and I recently had this interesting conversation about men and their egos. It turns out that most men have egos the size of a football pitch! There is gentleman she knows, who is over 70 yrs old and still thinks he is God's gift to women. According to him, he has dated over 200 women and still considers himself an eligible bachelor. Imaging that??? 

It would eternally baffle me as to the reason why most men think that any woman is 'lucky' to have them????
Even when he has a shitload of baggage.
*truly bewildered face*

Dude! The bible says that he who has found a wife has found a good thing.

So men , women don't actually feel "lucky" to have a man, most times they are under a great deal of stress. YES caused by you!

Remember, you are lucky and blessed to have that wonderful woman in your life.
Therefore treat her like the queen that she is.


  1. My dear this is good! All guys should read this especially those egotistical dudes.

  2. i treat mine like a Queen cos she is a queen in my hse.