Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Ancient egyptian beauty tips

1.Dead sea water
 Dead sea water contains 35% minerals per litre which enable you to have the perfect flawless skin. Cleopatra traveled to the dead sea to build a spa.

 Cleopatra also famously bathed in milk. Milk contains alpha hydroxy that enables silky smooth skin.

3.Aloe vera
 Aloe Vera moisturizes and smooths skin.

 Honey is excellent for hydrating the skin.

It exfoliates the skin and removes all the dead layers.You can use it if you are tanned and wish to return back to your natural color .HALAWA is purchased from pharmacies in the middle east or it can be home made.

6.Clay .
Ancient civilizations regularly used clay to heal diseased or damaged skin as they discovered it had many healing properties. Staying clean was incredibly important to the Egyptians who would often mix clay, ash and oil together to form soap.

7. Olive oil
Olive oil has been considered sacred for many years and was used to anoint the kings and athletes of Greece. It was often referred to as “liquid gold” and was used by the Ancient Greeks as a moisturizer and a natural sunscreen

8.Almond oil
Almond oil was found in many Egyptian products and was used throughout the classes. Both pharaohs and their workers use to rub this natural ingredient into their skin to keep them looking young. The vitamin E found in almonds worked to rid draw out harmful toxins and rid the body of free radicals. These days we can opt for Botox or microderm abrasion, however, almond oil is still found in many new cosmetics.

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