Wednesday, February 6, 2013

valentine gift ideas


Valentine is almost upon us.
The rush for unique valentines gifts are on. 
Why don't you try something new this year?

1. Give her a surprise weekend getaway.
There are tons of promos going on now, look for a good deal near you.

 2. Give her a gift voucher ,so she get what she really wants

3. Blast from the past. Do something you havent done in ages. It could be anything

4. Get his favourite old school CD's

5. Write a steamy love letter on beautiful stationary and send it to him at work

6. Propose to her! As corny as that sounds it would actually be very memorable.

7. Get him tickets to a show or event he has been looking forward to attending.

8. Put together a scrap book of memories of your best times together

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