Friday, June 1, 2012

Caring for you shoes

Give a woman the right pair of shoes and she can conquer the world!
-Marilyn Monroe

Do your shoes seem to have an unusually short life span?

Are they in a pile in a carton somewhere?
You have invested so much money in footwear, spend little or no money to care for them properly.
The secret to long lasting footwear is proper care.
It doesn’t matter if they cost $1000 or $10 shoes.
To enjoy your shoes for a while;

1.            Get a shoe rack or shoe tree! Use it!

2.            Clean your shoes regularly.
3.            Fix minor problems as soon as you discover them.
4.            Use the right polish or cleaning cloths.
5.            For those expensive shoes, put them in shoe pouches before putting them away.
6.            If they are peeling, or the sole is off or the heels are bent, THROW IT AWAY!
7.            Do NOT expose your shoes to water or excessive heat (sun).
8.            Invest in shoe brushes, polishes, shoe horns and shoe stretchers.

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