Saturday, April 27, 2013

The blame game

Have you met people who blame everyone but themselves for all their predicaments. Its either their parent, village folk , witches or the usual suspect 'the government'. When you read rag to riches stories from all walks of life, you hear of people who through sheer will power made their dreams come true.
You cannot sit down and expect everything to come to you. You sometimes have to go waaay out of your comfort zone to make outstanding achievements.

I was at an entertainment conference and a gentleman complained about that he is in his 30's and hasn't been able to make much headway in the industry, because OAP's allegedly have refused to play his music. Right there presenters asked him to bring his album, so that they would listen to it .He actually didn't ask have his CD's on him *jaws dropped* . He had to go to his car to get the CD's ??? He obviously just wasn't ready.

Opportunities are around us staring right at us, but because of various reasons we just cant see them.
Some of the basic things we can to to achieve our goals are;

  1. Think
  2. Decide EXACTLY what you want to do, work? business?
  3.  Do what you love
  4. Educate yourself
  5. Acquire new skills
  6. Start small or at the bottom of the ladder.
  7. Be ready to do the time 
  8. Work smart
  9. Constantly redefine and reinvent yourself
  10. Outline you goals and how you intend to achieve them
  11. Work you list
  12. Stop blaming people for your situation and try to fix it
  13. Think as if there is no box
  14. Be memorable and make a difference
Your destiny is in your hands, take charge of it TODAY. Its never to late to start achieving your dreams.
Remember that 'if you do nothing, nothing would be done.'
#Be inspired

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