Saturday, April 13, 2013

Politically incorrect statements

I had a long heart to heart with a friend of mine a few days ago ,whose baby died 3 day after birth. She said in the course of people consoling her, they actually say the dumbest things.

The Internet is actually the worst , people hide under anonymity to say nonsense that they wouldn't with their true identities.So i decided to compose a list of politically incorrect statements or comments.

  1. God gives and God takes
  2. It was her /his time (for a young person)
  3. You are fat (its plus sized)
  4. Black American (its African American)
  5. You have too many children (???)
  6. How much do you earn?
  7. You are fat,but have a pretty face
  8. You look nice, 'today'
  9. You look good, for your age
  10. Are you half caste?
  11. Are you a mixed breed?
  12. To a pregnant woman - You are very fat, you must be having  twins. (really)
  13. At least you can have other children? 
Its an inexhaustible list.

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