Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Prosperity tips

Prosperity tip # 1; Opportunities are EVERYWHERE! The more you look the more you see! The Internet has information on everything, from jobs opportunities locally and internationally to business tips . Since information is power, use the Internet wisely today. But to improve the quality of your life. Make Google your best friend.

Prosperity tip #2: Be at the top of your game with up to date info on latest trends and events in your sector #Google them

Prosperity tip #3 : If you ask the right questions long enough, you would get the right answers #google them

Prosperity tip #: 4Network online and offline with like minded professionals. On linkedin, meetup.com, business networking events etc #google them

Prosperity tip #5 Maximize all the business benefits of social media. Its free! Have a business facebook page, free or inexpensive website, classified ads and directories #google them

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