Saturday, August 4, 2012

Problem areas; Big stomach

This is the average woman's biggest problem (me included).
Its also a sensitive topic so I would try to tread carefully.
I have both short term and long term solutions.

1. When dressing up ,please ALWAYS de-empasize your stomach.

  • Wear clothes that are your actual size.
  • Dress to suit your body type
  • Black colored outfits always make you look smaller
  • Dress size appropriate

2.Wear the appropriate undergarments

  • Girdles,
  • Body magic, 
  • Cinchers  
  • Spanx
3.For long term results ;
  • Diet; slowly but surely you would get to your desired weight and size
  • Slimming pills; I am a big fan of those, i have struggled with my weight for as long as i can possibly remember till someone introduced me to green-world slimming products.After losing 15kg in 2 months and dropping from a uk dress size 20 to 16 , I am a big fan!
  • Exercise; It helps tone your muscles and burn off the fat.

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  1. Wot will you suggest for someone that doesnt like wearing stuffs that are tight like body magic etc.

  2. i would recommend exercise & a healthy diet

  3. so like how many pound do one lose in a week

  4. how often should one take this pill provided they

  5. There are a variety of pills. They should be taken daily

  6. Pls am nt fat my problem is my stomach, the sit ups doesnt help much, what should i do

  7. You could try greenworld slimming products. They worked for me