Monday, August 6, 2012

My sunday beauty treatment

I always look forward to Sunday because its my only day off work!
Its also my weekly beauty treatment day.Yay!
I also hate going to the salon so it works out fine.
My Sundays starts with (putting on the tv, eating and sleeping);

1. Shampoo;
    I have a colored natural hair, so i use dove therapy (color repair therapy).
    My hair always feel soft and manageable afterwards.
2. Conditioner
    I use dove therapy (color repair therapy).
    The repairing serum helps repair and treat my hair. 

3. Deep conditioner;
   I use organics hair mayonnaise or cholesterol (for at least one hour ).

4. Face to face peel off mask;
    The facial mask cleans the dirt and oil from my pores.
    My face always feels clean and fresh afterwards.

5.  Eden apricot scrub;
     It removes the dead cells

6. St Ives renewing body polish;
    The natural sugar crystals, collagen and elastin extracts gently exfoliates and cleanses my skin.
    It leaves my skin bright and renewed for a radiant and irrestinbly soft skin

7. L'oreal deep facial cleanser
    This is actually good to use daily ( though i don't ) .
    It removes the makeup, oil and dirt from my face.

8. Ocean therapy, deep sea spa care
    Its a deep moisturizer.

   After i have finished i feel as good as new and my skin glows all through the week.
   You can subsistute any of the products with other brands.

    For more information send an email to , 234-01-8401858

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