Monday, July 16, 2012

Running a successful small business

I digress a little by writing this blog post.
But i feel compelled to ,please pardon me.
To own a successful small business isn't a remotely easy task.
Its much easier and safer to have a 9-5 job.
But if everyone is an employee who would be an employer?

These are some tips on how be a successful small business owner

1.Define the business;
You need to know who your customers are, to know how to best serve them
Have a clear description of your business.                       
Dont jump from one business venture to another after a couple of months. 

Keep doing what you are doing .
Soon people would know you .
You have thus found your niche

3.Customer service;
The secret to any truly successful business is excellent customer service.
 Make them happy and they would come back!
Never forget that!

4. Social media;
The best part of Facebook ,twitter and other social media  is that it costs nothing!
Utilize them!

5. Online presence;
When searching for a product 95% of peope go online!
You MUST have an online presence!

Don't be afraid to add new products or services .

Constantly ask your customers how you can improve your business to best serve them.

8.Customer database;
Have a comprehensive database of phone numbers and email addresses of customers.

9. Advertising;
When advertising online and offline give a detailed description of what you are offering.
Include pictures and well as contact information.


  1. Thank you for these business tips... can u please do a series on it? thank u in advance